Brook Manager is a Brook management system for medium to large merchants
Updated at: 2023-06-23


What is Brook Manager

Brook Manager is a Brook management system. Its functions include fully automated operations such as user registration, traffic statistics, payment collection, and automatic generation of import links.

Brook Manager Positioning

Brook Manager is suitable for medium to large merchants who want to conduct business based on Brook. If you are a small and medium-sized business, you can also choose Brook Deploy.




Built-in cryptocurrency payment method, the user pays directly to the merchant's payment address


The log can be viewed regularly with joker log


Fully automatic deployment of brook
User registration/payment/adding nodes will automatically trigger deployment brook
You never even need to log into the node machine
User registration
Traffic Statistics
Multi-port multi-user
Single-port multi-user
Audit rules
multi-level lines
Multi-level VIP
Order and payment
Automatically generate subscription links
Ban/Restore User
One-line command deployment
MySQL database Auth
Reset all user traffic on the 1st of every month
Automatically clear their nodes when users expire
It also supports adding your own manual deployment brook link and traffic Statistics

The above only shows the main functions, and more detailed functions can be viewed after self-deployment


It is recommended to add a machine that supports dual-stack network

Open source agreement

brook-manager uses a loose open source protocol, merchants can PR, or fork development by themselves, open source or closed source. Only require a statement at the bottom to declare that you are responsible for your users.