Test the NAT type of the current network


Nami needs to be installed


Install stuntman

nami install stuntman

One line command to test the NAT type of the current network

stunclient stun.stunprotocol.org --mode behavior
stunclient stun.stunprotocol.org --mode filtering

Why is the output not a string like Full Cone or Symmetric

You may often see NAT types like Full-cone NAT, Address-restricted-cone NAT, Port-restricted cone NAT, Symmetric NAT.

Many NAT implementations combine these types, so it is better to refer to specific individual NAT behavior instead of using the Cone/Symmetric terminology.

Go back to the output of the test command above, if you have to classify the above names: Full Cone is Endpoint-Independent Mapping´╝îEndpoint-Independent Filtering. Symmetric is Address- and Port-Dependent Mapping, Address-Dependent Filtering or Address and Port-Dependent Filtering.

Which is better