curl stable version supports HTTP3

Updated at: 2023-12-15


curl has always been a great tool for testing HTTP networks. In some companies where the front and back ends are separate, when documenting HTTP API, the difference in understanding between the two developers can lead to repetitive discussions. "What a fucking documents?" they might say. Hey, it's better to just write a line of curl command, paste it into the command line, hit enter to check if the API is working properly. Thus, curl appears almost as a reference implementation.

Today, the latest version of curl supports HTTP3, and it's no longer just experimental. However, as of this writing, many package managers still cannot download the new version. Of course, you have nami.


You can install curl on Linux, macOS, and Windows using nami:

nami install curl

Using HTTP3

You may need to reopen a terminal

curl --http3-only -v