Brook Troubleshooting Steps

Updated at: 2024-03-19

  1. After adding your Server to the Brook client
  2. If your Server uses a domain and has not specified an IP address via brook link --address, then Brook client will attempt to resolve the domain's IP using local DNS, preferring AAAA record. For example:
    • ws://
    • wss://
    • quic://
  3. Connectivity check: Go to the Server details page and click Connectivity Check. If it works sometimes but not others, this indicates instability.
  4. After connected
  5. Test IPv4 TCP: Use Test IPv4 for testing; this test does not trigger DNS resolution.
  6. Test IPv6 TCP: Use Test IPv6 for testing; this test does not trigger DNS resolution.
  7. Test TCP and UDP: Use the Echo Client for testing. If the echo server entered is a domain address, it will trigger DNS resolution.
  8. Ensure the effectiveness of Fake DNS: Fake DNS is essential to do something with a domain or domain address. Generally, enable the Block Google Secure DNS module is sufficient. For other cases, refer to this article.
  9. If your local or Server does not support IPv6: Refer to this article.
  10. macOS App Mode: Refer to this article.
  11. Windows:
    • The client can pass the tests without any special configuration on a brand-new, genuine Windows 11.
    • Be aware that the Windows system time is often incorrect.
    • Do not have other similar network software installed; they can cause conflicting network settings in the system.
    • Try restarting the computer.
    • Windows Defender may ask for permission to connect to the network or present other issues.
  12. Android:
    • The client can pass the tests without any special configuration on the official Google ROM.
    • Different ROMs may have made different modifications to the system.
    • Permission for background running might require separate settings.
    • System DNS may need to be set to ?
  13. Bypass traffic usually requires the following modules to be activated:
    • Block Google Secure DNS
    • Bypass Geo
    • Bypass Apple: To prevent issues receiving Apple message notifications.
    • Bypass China domain or Bypass China domain A: The former uses Bypass DNS to obtain the IP, then Bypass Geo or other modules decide whether to bypass; the latter bypasses directly after obtaining the IP with Bypass DNS using A records. The latter is needed if your local does not support IPv6.
    • If you are a Shiliew user, some modules are enabled by default, which is usually sufficient.
  14. Search GitHub issues or submit new issue
  15. Check the blog
  16. Refer to the documentation
  17. Seek help in the group