Brook OpenWRT Router
Updated at: 2023-03-19


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How to use Brook on OpenWRT

In fact, there is nothing to write in this article, because it is too simple, and the complexity usually encountered is the complexity of OpenWRT itself.

  1. Make sure your OpenWRT is installed and working properly, first make sure that a clean OpenWRT is fully working for you.

    😑 If your OpenWRT is not an official version, you can explore it yourself if you encounter problems

  2. Download brook.ipk

    If you don’t know which architecture ipk to download, there is a way to go to the OpenWRT CLI and test the brook CLI file brook --version one by one, which one can work normally, the name of CLI file is the same as that of the ipk file

  3. Install ipk

    😑 Usually the package manager of OpenWRT needs to be refreshed to start installing the package, and whether the configuration of the installation source can install the software smoothly and at a high speed. I am used to installing ipk on the command line, which is transparent and easy to troubleshoot. opkg update, opkg install brook.ipk

  4. Refresh the OpenWRT management interface, and you will see Brook in the menu. Just start the operation after opening the web interface, and some function pages will also have necessary step prompts.

Some other information

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