How to prevent Brook from failing to connect to IPv6

Updated at: 2024-03-19

Brook's attitude towards IPv6

Brook's stance on IPv6 is positive. For example, when the server address filled in by the client is domain address and no address parameter is specified, it will try to use an IPv6 address first; it will also try to set up a dual-stack environment; IPv6 system DNS, etc.

If both local and server support IPv6, you should have no problems.

OS's attitude towards IPv6

The operating system is also IPv6-first. Different applications also have their own fallback mechanism. For example, Chrome will consider that the dual-stack environment fails and will not fall back, while under the same network environment, Safari will fall back successfully.

Proxy tunnel

Proxy tunnels can transport proxy IPv4 and IPv6 destinations regardless of whether they are established over IPv4 or IPv6.

If your server does not support IPv6

If your local does not support IPv6 but you need bypass