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Shiliew VPN - 自动选择专注稳定为在乎时间的人而设计

中国区 App Store

iOS 和 Mac 客户端未在中国区 App Store 上架。你需要一个美区 Apple ID, 你可以搜索一下如何注册;如果你已通过其他端付费,可以用付费账号对应的邮箱联系 cloud@txthinking.com 借用美区 Apple ID。如果你无法使用 App Store 内购,可以在客户端内使用邮箱登录注册,然后在客户端菜单里打开网站。

How should I choose plan? How should I choose node?

If you are in China, you can select the [China Optimized] plan when paying on the Web, or set [Menu -> Auto Select -> China Optimized] after purchasing in the App Store, and [Auto Select] will return to the China Optimized node. Nodes in the client list may be faster than China Optimized nodes under certain networks and circumstances, the difference is that China Optimized nodes focus on sustained stability.

If you are not in China, you can select the [Global] plan when paying on the Web, or set [Menu -> Auto Select -> Least Load] after purchasing in the App Store


如果你在中国使用,你可以在 Web 端支付时选择 [中国优化] 计划,或 App Store 内购后设置 [菜单 -> 自动选择 -> 中国优化],[自动选择] 即会返回中国优化节点。客户端列表中的节点在某些网络及时间下可能比中国优化节点速度更快,不同的是中国优化节点关注的是持续的稳定。

如果你不在中国使用,你可以在 Web 端支付时选择 [Global] 计划,或 App Store 内购后设置 [菜单 -> 自动选择 -> 负载最低]。

How important is stability?

Imagine if a VPN is fast at the beginning, but becomes very slow or even unusable after a period of time, you should be able to guess the reason. We do our best to provide stability at any time. Provide stability to your work same as provide stability to our own work. Because the cost of providing stable traffic is very high, so please cherish it and don't abuse it.



How do i pay on the web?

If you want to pay on the web, please install the client first, signin/signup with your email in the client, and then open the website in client menu.

我该如何在 Web 端支付?

如果是想要在 Web 支付,请先安装客户端,在客户端内使用邮箱登录注册,然后在客户端菜单里打开网站。

iOS App Store in-app purchase or Mac App Store in-app purchase. You only need to buy it once.

That is, after the iOS in-app purchase, you can restore it directly on the Mac side; after the Mac in-app purchase, you can restore it directly on the iOS side.

iOS App Store 或 Mac App Store 内购,只需要购买一次

即在 iOS 内购后,可以在 Mac 端直接恢复即可;在 Mac 内购后,可以在 iOS 端直接恢复即可。同样需要美区 Apple ID,并且号上有钱或已绑卡。否则还是请 Web 端支付吧,方便。

Use it on your computer and phone at the same time

You can use it on your computer and mobile phone at the same time, up to 3 devices. If you make a purchase in the App Store, the device needs to use the same Apple ID, up to 3 devices. For personal use only, and sharing with others is prohibited.


你可以同时在你的电脑和手机上使用,最多三个设备。如果你在 App Store 内购,设备需要使用同一个 Apple ID,最多三个设备为保障稳定,仅限自用,禁止分享账号给其他人,其他人要用可让其创建新账号。请遵守约定,否则请不要下载。

Web 端支付方式 信用卡 / 支付宝 支持情况

如果因网络原因,支付页面显示比较慢,多试几次或换个网络比如 4G 或 Wi-Fi。支持大陆信用卡,会自动货币转换,若无法支付请联系发卡行。一次性支付如果看不到支付宝支付方式:支付网关会根据你的 IP 和浏览器语言来展示不同的支付方式。如果选择支付宝,如果未返回商家页面,则订单需要 90 分钟后才可生效,这是正常的,耐心等待下即可。无论任何支付方式,输入错误的支付相关信息都可能被拒付,海外支付网关对欺诈很严格。推荐使用信用卡走来支付,汇率最便宜。

Windows 10 or later

Make sure there are no parentheses in the filename, such as Shiliew(1).exe. At the same time if required, add an exclusion: Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> manage settings -> Exclusions -> Add or remove exclusions -> Add an exclusion -> File -> Select Shiliew.exe

Windows 10 及以上

确保文件名没有出现括号,比如 Shiliew(1).exe。同时如果需要,Windows 安全中心 病毒和威胁防护: 设置 -> 更新和安全 -> Windows 安全中心 -> 病毒和威胁防护 -> “病毒和威胁防护” 设置 -> 管理设置 -> 排除项 -> 添加或删除排除项 -> 添加排除项 文件 -> 选择 Shiliew.exe

Make sure your system time is correct

The system time deviation should not exceed one minute, especially for the Windows operating system, which comes with many bugs and Microsoft never fixed it.


系统时间误差不能超过一分钟。 尤其是 Windows 这个自带很多 Bug 并且微软从不修复的操作系统的时间。

Linux GUI

Tested on Ubuntu 22.04. Give it executable permission and double-click it.

Linux 客户端

在 Ubuntu 22.04 上测试通过。右键给予可执行权限,然后双击即可。

Instagram or some other Meta's apps

Fake DNS is a means of network acceleration, it saves one time network request, the TTL of the Fake DNS is 60 seconds, so there will be no problem under normal circumstances, but some apps that do not comply with the standard may cache it for a longer time. Instagram should be criticized. You can [Menu - Fake DNS - Off] to fix it

Instagram 或其他 Meta 系应用

虚拟 DNS 是一种网络加速手段,它可以减少一次网络请求,虚拟 DNS 的 TTL 是 60 秒,断开再重新连接会重置虚拟 DNS 数据,但是一些不遵守标准的 App 可能自己缓存超过 60 秒很久才重新查询 DNS,这样 重新连接重置虚拟 DNS 后 App 仍然尝试连接之前的虚拟 IP 就会失败,点名批评 Instagram。可以用 [菜单 - 虚拟 DNS - 关闭] 来解决。

What protocol does Shiliew use? How to use Shiliew?

Usually you only need to click the Connect button on the home page, and other configuration items can be ignored. Of course you can also explore other features, as you know Brook is our open source project. Shiliew is based on Brook protocol. GUI Documentation

怎么使用 Shiliew?

通常你只需要点击首页的连接按钮即可,其他配置项都可以无视之。如果你自己修改了配置,想恢复到之前,可以参考 这篇文章。当然你也可以探索其他功能,如你所知 Brook 是我们的开源项目。Shiliew 基于 Brook 协议。 图形端文档


Pirated moviesites, politically sensitive, BT, speed test, automation, occupying network bandwidth for a long time, etc, may get your account restricted or banned. The risk control mechanism is dynamically adjusted based on average usage and your plan. If continuously triggered, your account will be banned.



Can I cancel subscription?

If you subscribed on web: Open client; if you are not logged in or the login is expired, log in first; open the website in the menu, and you will see the Manage Subscription button. If you subscribed on in-app purchase on App Store, then please manage in App Store.


如果你通过 web 订阅:打开客户端;如果没有登录或登录失效则先登录;在客户端菜单里打开网站,会看到管理订阅的按钮。如果你是通过 App Store 内购,那么请在 App Store 管理。

Why can't I receive the verification code by email?

Many people often have their email address typed wrong, remember to check carefully. Also don't forget to check the spam mailbox. If you still cannot receive the verification code after 5 minutes, it may be that your network cannot access our API server. You can try another network. If you are using Microsoft's mailbox, users around the world generally report that they will lose emails without any notification, stay away.


很多人会输错邮件地址,记得仔细检查下,同时不要忘记检查垃圾箱。如果五分钟仍然收不到验证码,可能是你的网络无法访问我们的 API 服务器,可以尝试换个网络,比如用 Wi-Fi 或 4G。如果你正在用微软的邮箱,全球用户普遍反馈会无任何通知丢邮件,远离。

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Deleting your account means that all your information will be deleted from our database. If you already have a subscription, don't forget to unsubscribe first. Delete Account



Why no free plan?

"Free" services nearly always come at some cost, whether that be the time you spend watching an intro ad, the collection of your data. We don't operate that way – at all.




Join telegram group. Or cloud@txthinking.com.


加入 Telegram 群组,注意:人们普遍将 Telegram 当做一个匿名交流工具,注意保护自己和他人的隐私。或者 cloud@txthinking.com

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You will earn 1 score from a transaction. Includes all future transactions of the users you invited with no time limit. You can use 20 score to redeem a month of Global Plan or China Optimized Plan. That means you only need to invite 20 users, and if they keep using it, you'll be able to use Shiliew for free forever.

每产生一笔交易即可获得 1 分。包括你邀请的用户未来的所有交易且没有时间限制。可以用 20 分来兑换一个月 Global 计划或者中国优化计划。意味着只需要邀请 20 个用户,如果他们持续使用,那么你将可以永久免费使用 Shiliew。

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