Shiliew - Not just VPN
Shiliew - 不仅仅是VPN
The Auto select designed for those who value their time and enegy. Global and China Optimized.
Undetectable protocol, focus on Stability for high-end users.

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You will earn 5 CNY per person per month, including future transactions and with no time limit. For example, if there is a month payment, you will get 5 CNY. If there is a year payment, your will get 50(10*5, 2 months discount) CNY.


After Signin/Signup, you will immediately be able to see your referral link.


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How should I choose plan? How should i choose node? How does [Auto select] work? 🔥

If you are not using in China, you should choose [Global] plan on web or in-app purchase on App Store/Google Play. [Auto select] returns one node with the least load.

If you are using in China, you should choose [China Optimized] plan on web. [Auto select] returns one China Optimized node to save your time and energy.

China Optimized nodes are not displayed in the node list on app.

Do the nodes in the node list on app work in China? Works most of the time, sometimes not. The network in China is very complex. Different network environments and different times may have different results. So it is recommended to choose [China Optimized] plan on web.

我应该选择哪个计划?我应该如何选择节点?自动选择如何工作? 🔥

如果你不在中国使用,你应该在网站上选择 [Global] 计划或在 App Store/Google Play 里内购。[自动选择]返回一个负载最小的节点。

如果你在中国使用,你应该在网站上选择 [中国优化] 计划。[自动选择]返回一个中国优化的节点以节省你的时间和精力。

中国优化节点不显示在 app 的节点列表中

在 app 的节点列表中的节点能在中国用吗?大部分时间可以工作,有时不可以。因为中国的网络非常复杂,不同网络环境及不同时间都会有不同的结果。所以推荐在网站上选择 [中国优化] 计划。

I can’t find your price/plan page. Where is it? 🔥

After Signin/Signup, you will immediately be able to see the payment button.

我看不到价格页面。它在哪里? 🔥


China mainland App Store 🔥

This app is not available on the App Store in China mainland, please use an Apple ID in other regions to download. If you can't register an Apple ID in another regions, you can try to borrow it from a friend or ask for help on Taobao.

中国区 App Store 🔥

此 app 未在中国区 App Store 上架,请使用其他区 Apple ID 下载。如果你不会注册其他区 Apple ID,你可以尝试借用朋友的,或淘宝上获得帮助。

Does it support China mainland credit cards when I pay on web? 🔥

Yes. It does currency conversion automatically.

在网站上支付时,支持中国信用卡吗? 🔥


How many devices can I use an account on?

If you pay on web, you can use your account on up to 3 devices. If you pay via App Store/Google Play in-app purchase, you can use with your Apple ID/Play Account.


如果你在网站上支付,你可以在三台设备上使用。如果你在 App Store/Google Play 内购,你可以和你的 Apple ID/Play Account 一起使用。

Windows requires that the latest version of Edge and Security Virus & threat protection

If your windows is old version, you may need to install the latest version Edge browser manually.

And add an exclusion: Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> manage settings -> Exclusions -> Add or remove exclusions -> Add an exclusion -> File -> Select Shiliew.exe

Windows 需要已安装最新版的 Edge 浏览器。及安全中心病毒和威胁防护设置。

如果你使用的不是最新版 Windows,可能需要你手动安装最新版 Edge 浏览器。

Windows 安全中心 病毒和威胁防护: 设置 -> 更新和安全 -> Windows 安全中心 -> 病毒和威胁防护 -> “病毒和威胁防护” 设置 -> 管理设置 -> 排除项 -> 添加或删除排除项 -> 添加排除项 文件 -> 选择 Shiliew.exe

What protocol does Shiliew use? How Shiliew works? ❤️

As you know Brook is an open source project of mine, Brook designed strong encryption and undetectable protocol. Shiliew is based on Brook protocol.

And how it works: English, 中文

Shiliew 使用的什么协议?Shiliew 如何工作? ❤️

如你所知 Brook 是我的开源项目,Brook 设计了强加密无特征协议。 Shiliew 基于 Brook 协议。

如何工作: English, 中文


Pirated moviesites, politically sensitive, BT, speed test, occupying network bandwidth for a long time, etc, may get your account restricted or banned. This is the terms of the upstream server provider. The first-level risk control isolation until 2:00(UTC) tomorrow, the second-level risk control isolation until the end of the month, if this continues, your account will be banned, refunds will be issued based on month if unused time is more than one month.



Can I cancel or refund?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time on web. If your payment is one-time and if unused time is more than one month, contact, we will refund based on month.


可以。你可以在网站上随时取消你的订阅。如果你是一次性付款且未使用时间多于一个月,联系 会以月为单位进行退款。

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Deleting your account means that all your information will be deleted from our database. If you already have a subscription, don't forget to unsubscribe first on the website or AppStore or GooglePlay. Delete Account


可以。删除账号意味着你的一切信息都会从数据库中删除。如果你有订阅,不要忘记取消订阅在网站上或 AppStore 或 GooglePlay。删除账号

Why no free plan?

"Free" services nearly always come at some cost, whether that be the time you spend watching an intro ad, the collection of your data, or by limiting the functionality of the service. We don't operate that way – at all. We ourselves use it every day.



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I'm having trouble with the payment process.

Please contact for assistance.


请联系 获得帮助。

I am a paid user on web.

Please contact for assistance or join Telegram group {{tgurl}}.


请联系 获得帮助或 加入 Telegram 群组 {{tgurl}}

I am a paid user via App Store/Google Play in-app purchase.

Please contact for assistance.

我是一个付费用户在 App Store/Google Play。

请联系 获得帮助。

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