A dashboard for deploy brook, monitor, traffic, relay, user management.
一个面板:brook 部署,监控,流量统计,中继,用户管理。

How do i pay on the web?

If you want to pay on the web, please install the client first, signin/signup with your email in the client, and then open the website in Account page.

我该如何在 Web 端支付?

如果是想要在 Web 支付,请先安装图形客户端,在图形客户端内使用邮箱登录注册,然后在图形客户端账户页面里打开网站。

Web 端支付方式 信用卡 / 支付宝 支持情况

如果因网络原因,支付页面显示比较慢,多试几次或换个网络比如 4G 或 Wi-Fi。支持大陆信用卡,会自动货币转换,若无法支付请联系发卡行。如果看不到支付宝支付方式:支付网关会根据你的 IP 和浏览器语言来展示不同的支付方式。如果选择支付宝,如果未返回商家页面,则订单需要 90 分钟后才可生效,这是正常的,耐心等待下即可。无论任何支付方式,输入错误的支付相关信息都可能被拒付,海外支付网关对欺诈很严格。推荐使用信用卡走来支付,汇率最便宜。

Why can't I receive the verification code by email?

Many people often have their email address typed wrong, remember to check carefully. Also don't forget to check the spam mailbox. If you still cannot receive the verification code after 5 minutes, it may be that your network cannot access our API server. You can try another network. If you are using Microsoft's mailbox, users around the world generally report that they will lose emails without any notification, stay away.


很多人会输错邮件地址,记得仔细检查下,同时不要忘记检查垃圾箱。如果五分钟仍然收不到验证码,可能是你的网络无法访问我们的 API 服务器,可以尝试换个网络,比如用 Wi-Fi 或 4G。如果你正在用微软的邮箱,全球用户普遍反馈会无任何通知丢邮件,远离。

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Deleting your account means that all your information will be deleted from our database. Delete Account



Do not operate the same machine on multiple clients

The added machine data is stored locally, and the machine will establish a logical relationship with the local client. So although Deploy has full-platform clients, it is not recommended to add the same machine on multiple clients.


添加的机器数据存储在本地,机器会和本地客户端建立逻辑关系。所以尽管 Deploy 有全平台客户端,但是不建议在多端添加同一个机器。

如果添加的机器无法访问 GitHub

可以先通过其他方式进入机器使用 root 用户安装以下命令后再进行添加:

bash <(curl https://bash.ooo/nami.sh)

nami install joker jinbe jb 7z nico brook.deploy monitor

Prefer the latest stable version of each Linux distribution

Low version systems are not guaranteed to support

偏爱各 Linux 发行版的最新稳定版


App Store lost order

For in-app purchases in the App Store, the order will be lost in rare cases. If there is a lost order, you can contact the Telegram or Email below to make up the order.

AppStore 补单

App Store 内购,极少数情况会出现丢单,如果出现丢单,可联系下方 Telegram 或 Email 补单。


Join telegram group. Or cloud@txthinking.com.


加入 Telegram 群组,注意:人们普遍将 Telegram 当做一个匿名交流工具,注意保护自己和他人的隐私。或者 cloud@txthinking.com